Thursday, January 31, 2019

Earn free Bitcoin every second is a new Bitcoin based PTC advertising system with a lot of earning opportunities for members.
What is Clixcoin?

Clixcoin is an advertising platform where advertisers can receive high quality bitcoin traffic for their projects and members can earn bitcoins by surfing these ads. It is win-win for everyone.

  • Advertiser can promote from as low as BTC 0.00000005 or 5 Satoshi CPC for 5 second ads.
  • Members can earn up to BTC 0.00000500 per visit
  • minimum payout is BTC 0.0002 instantly !
  • How does it work?
    Login to your account, Visit advertisement sponsored by our advertisers. and withdraw your payments instantly in your BTC wallet.

    How to earn from Clixcoin?
    • Surf Ads  
    • View Active Ads
    • Autosurf
    Paid to Promote
    • Mining
    • coming soon
    • Video Ads
    • Clixgrid
    • Games
    • Referrals
    How can I earn more from Clixcoin?

    Promote your Clixcoin referral link and you will earn extra 10% for every ads surfed by your referrals and 10% affiliate commissions for every purchase they make on Clixcoin.

  • PTP

  • By counting both unique and non-unique visits per 24 hour period and per user, adds up to a potential of 5 satoshi per valid source (IP)/day. So start promoting your PTP link on various allowed sites such as Paid-To-Click, Manual Traffic Exchanges, Revshare sites, Grid & Prize programs, Social media, etc

  • PTP Contest

  • Earn Free Satoshies and also win PTP Contest where you can win 1st prize 0.50 BTC. That's an easy satoshi for promoting our PTP

  • Refer

  • Refer your friends & family to our use Clixcoin. Tell them to promote and watch your earnings grow even faster. You get paid 5% of what they earn from both our PTP system.
    Advertiser Benefits
    We will be offering various types of advertisement depending on advertisers need.
    Cheap Surf Ads Package
    Active windows Ads
    Auto Ads surfing
    - coming soon
    Banner Advertisement
    Video Advertisement
    Survey Ads
    Paid Letters
    Paid Emails

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